Yurikuma Arashi (Comedy and Drama Anime Review)

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Yurikuma Arashi (Comedy and Drama Anime Review)

The planet Kumaria, inhabited by bears, explodes and causes meteors to fall on earth, also inhabited by bears, the people of earth create a wall to separate the bears and humans called the Wall of Severance. The story of Yurikuma Arashi takes place in this bizarre world, and focuses on Kureha Tsubaki’s romantic relationship with Sumika and her forgotten relationship with Ginko. One of the biggest issues in the possible relationship between Kureha and Ginko is that Ginko is a bear. In order for Ginko to gain the ability to transform into a human she agrees to never give up on love, and agrees that if she can get Kureha to love her once again, after Kureha’s memory of her is destroyed, she will be allowed to become a human permanently.

Joining Ginko in this crazy endeavor is Lulu, another bear who lusts after Ginko. This deal is made by the bears after appearing in the Court of Severance, which is overseen by three part bear part human men, Life Sexy, Life Cool, and Life Beauty. While observing Kureha and Sumika’s relationship, the two bears witness Sumika eaten by another bear. There is more to Sumika’s death than is at first known, as it has something to do with all of the other girls in the school and their desire to exclude.

Even though Yurikuma Arashi contains a complex romance story, it is also well animated with cute character designs. For instance, the bears are rather cute, instead of growling they actually say, “growl, growl,” and they are quite animated. Another noticeable part of this anime is that all of the characters are female, except the three characters from the Court of Severance. The relationship between Kureha and Sumika is shown as an innocent and sweet love, whereas the love in other relationships is shown to be somewhat more physical and less about the connection between the characters.

Love Bullet Yurikuma Arashi is an excellent anime with fantastic character development, excellent music, funny moments, dramatic scenes, and a sweet romance story. Due to some of the innuendos made in the episodes, both visually and verbally, this is not an anime for younger audiences. The content of this anime will be of interest to those who are looking for a romantic series with some good laughs. Anytime there is a character with a catchphrase as good as the Judge Life Sexy, I will recommend it greatly. “For that is sexy, shabadado.”


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