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Okami: Amaterasu Divine Descent - 1/4th Scale Figure - Okami (Pre-order)

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This is the resin version of the Amaterasu 9” PVC statue.

The highly detailed Amaterasu statue is seen striking a dynamic pose, as if descending from the Celestial Plain. The base design is inspired by the smoke, foliage, and flower buds that trail behind Ammy the faster she sprints, and on the floor is the symbol of the

Sunrise brush technique when performed successfully. Apart from the 13 Celestial
Brush techniques, Amaterasu also uses her Divine Instrument, the Divine Retribution, to fend off the evil spread across all of Nippon.

Okami – Amaterasu: Divine Descent (STANDARD Edition) comes with the following:-
• Okami – Amaterasu: Divine Descent RESIN statue
• Highly detailed base inspired by the Sunrise brush technique
• Divine Retribution
• Authentication Card

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different. Product details can subject to change without further notice.
Subject to final approval.


Pre-order by March 9, 2020

Scheduled to ship in March 2021