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Midoriya, Bakugo, & Todoroki - Deluxe Bonus Edition - My Hero Acadmia

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Prime 1 Studio is proud to introduce our premiere diorama of one of the most popular Japanese anime franchises – My Hero Academia! The diorama features three of UA Class 1-A’s most promising students: Izuku Midoriya: Deku, Katsuki Bakugo: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight and Shoto Todoroki: Shoto.
Our intricately-detailed statue showcases budding heroes Deku, Dynamight, and Shoto, their trademark Quirks on full display! Deku charges up One for All, Dynamight ignites Explosion and Shoto double-wields Half-Cold Half-Hot!
The Deluxe Version allows you to change up Deku, Dynamight and Shoto’s intensity levels. With their additional swappable heads, Deku exhibits his keen focus, Dynamight grits his teeth in anticipation of a fierce fight and Shoto displays his trademark calm & tactical manner. In addition, receive a Bonus switchout head portraying Deku’s characteristic exuberance at being what he has always wanted to be: a Hero!
These three champions spring forth from a UA-themed base, anchored by a monument in honor of the greatest Hero of them all: All Might!
This diorama is an undeniable grail item for all My Hero Academia fans!

Measures approximately: 27" tall H:68.8cm W:56.9cm D:54.6cm

Made of Polystone & Other Materials

Pre-order by 5/17/2021

Scheduled to ship in December 2022