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Elaina - 1/8th Scale Figure - Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina

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The pretty girl was a witch and a traveler.  --Yes, it's me.

From the TV anime 『The Journey of Elaina』, three-dimensional in 1/7 scale with the cover illustration of the original 5 volumes of the main character "Elaina"!
Wearing a black robe and triangular hat, I reproduced the cute Elaina who buys and eats donuts.
In addition to posing with a sense of dynamism and modeling of hair, I was particular about the modeling and coloring of small items such as brooches, brooms, bags, mufflers, etc., which are proof of witches.
The hat is detachable. Alcause it is a severe character, please enjoy such a witch of ashes "Elaina" to every corner at hand by all means.


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Scheduled to ship in December 2021