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New year, new boxes! First up on this year's box list is Dragon Ball. All Dragonball including original, Z, GT, and Super. This is a great way to add some new official Dragonball merchandise to your collection. There are so many great items that we have in stock, along with some new things that we would like to make part of this box, this should be a highlight for all fans! This time, we are doing a hard cutoff date for our boxes. Make sure to reserve your box before March 31, 2019 to get your box! Boxes will be sent out in April 2019.

Box A
Tamashii Buddies Figure, Shirt, and One Small Item
Box B
Tamashii Buddies Figure, Shirt, Plush, and One Small Item
Box C
Banpresto Figure, Shirt, Plush, and One Small Item
Box D
Banpresto Figure, Shirt, Plush, One Large Item, and One Small Item
Box E
Banpresto Figure, Tamashii Buddies, Shirt, Plush, Two Large Item, and Two Small Items
Wall Scroll and Two Small Items


There are tons of item choices for this box! We are going to simplify the the small and large item category a bit. For small items, you could get a key chain, wristband, pin set, or lanyard. For the large items, you could get a hat/beanie, wallet, necklace, or bracelet. We can not guarantee specific items, but let us know your favorite characters and we will do our best to get you something you will love! Also, the pictures just show some examples of what your box will contain, in a general sense, everything will be random. :)